CTM Festival, Berghain, Berlin 2017 – 31/01/2017


GTT live 31/1/17 at CTM Festival, Berlin: We are extremely honoured to announce our inclusion in the fantastic programme of music, art, and other cultural events. A few easy picks reads Genesis BREYER P-ORRIDGE withAaron Dilloway, Actress, Monolake, UMFANG but these don’t really hint at the hugely wide and deep programme and the great collaborative sub-programmes with the Tehran-based SET Festival art and music festival, African and African diaspora ‘independent digital nation state’ NON, Mexico experimental music and sound art, expansive Berlin art project space platform ‘Vorspiel’ and Norway focus make for an incredible event in its totality.


gtt_ule-heliGTT live at ÜLE HELI Festival. Venue is the absolutely stunning and cavernous former Mad Max Thunderdome, Kultuurikatlas. Stage time MIDNITE \m/



Supernormal Festival is upon us – rejoice!




Friday 5 – Sunday 7 August 2016

Gum Takes Tooth play at The Shed stage at 8pm Saturday.

If you LOVE the weird, the heartfelt, the DIY, the loco, the real deal, the amazing, the tangible, the ephemeral and the joyous and HATE the bland, the sponsor-directed, the heartless, commercial, vacuous, vain and vapid hype of most festivals the then this is for you. This rare event exudes that slippery and priceless essence that the most legendary free festivals was grew out of back in times of yore. Knowing that increasing headcount almost always results in a conversely decreasing quality of experience for those attending, the organisers of this one selflessly do it for all the right reasons, rejecting pressures from Big Promotion and sponsorship, jealous of their fire and substance. Good times, good bands, unique experiences and liberty is 100% assured.
Additionally, both Jussi and Tom will be taking part in the Moonseer performance (Saturday 22:45, The Vortex) and Tom will be playing in Melting Hand (Sunday 22:30, The Shed) .

Rocket Recordings all-dayer 20 Aug 2016

With top calibre company here at this event put on by possibly the best record company ever to exist [note: we reserve the right to total bias of opinion here]. JB


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