New video! Plus feature interview in The Quietus

“Previewing their latest video for ‘Bone Weapon’ Jussi Brightmore and Tom Fug chat to Matt Ridout about the ethos and technology that drive Gum Takes Tooth”. Video is exclusive so

GTT bone weapon vid pic 1

Hurdy-gurdies and caped hunchbacks

Interview featuring a cameo of a charming caped hunchback, hurdy-gurdies and live gig footage from Villette Sonique festival, Paris, all HERE on this French/German TV show, Tracks on Arte.
You can watch the entire program HERE.

Riddim Collision 2015, Lyon, France

Riddim Collision 2015, Lyon, FR

✦ VOILÀ LA PROGRAMMATION 2015, mon amis, mutants and celestial entities! ✦

DJ KRUSH / Clark / Prefuse73 / Dub Phizix & Stategy /PETER KERNEL / Blanck Mass / Oiseaux-Tempête /Dorian Concept / dEbruit / Ho99o9 / Om Unit /Chapelier fou / D.Lights / ALO WALA / E.E.K. & Islam chipsy / Vessels / Kormac (Live Band) / Sun Glitters /Gum Takes Tooth / Schlaasss / Asagaya / Ritual /Ordoeuvre / Sheik Anorak / NUMéROBé /AURICULAIRE / Go!Zilla / ~Gejjj~ (l’ordre des skwamat’) / Dragster / Pulse Code Modulation /woodwire / The Big Nose Attack / Kuna Maze / Dalhas Umaï / CLFT / Of Ivory & Horn / Judaah / Søuf / Qasar/ Garmonbozia / Sable Horses / Dead Or Live / Akronik

✽ ✽ ✽ Alors, heureux ? Hell yeah! ✽ ✽ ✽


bandcampWe now have a GTT bandcamp page. To celebrate, all our older releases are available at a “pay what you like” price. Go check it out at

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